Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Closet Wine Cellars

To those of you with a passion for wine, you may have considered storing itlop04199 in your home. Just like with anything we would want to collect, you need a place to store it. Your closet is a confined space which can easily be converted into a mini wine cellar.

There are a few things to consider when opting to have a closet wine cellar. You must first consider the position of the closet you are planning to convert. You want to choose an internal closet in your home with no walls that are facing the outside or your apartment or home.  The most important factor in storing wine is to have  a stable temperature.

Another important factor in having a closet wine cellar is humidity. The importance of humidity is very often overlooked in this process. Humidity can fluctuate above and below the optimal range required to store wine. High humidity levels will produce mold, damage walls, and cause labels to fall off. This is not something that we would want to happen.

Just like with a refridgerator or your home itself, a closet wine cellar does require a cooling system. The type of cooling system can be either standard or split types. Ultimately this decision comes down to your personal choice. The standard systems are much less expensive and easier to set up initially, but the life expectancy is only about 5 years. Installing a split system must be installed by a professional and will cost more at first, but will last a great deal longer.

When it comes down to it, home wine cellars are becoming more and more popular. Be it an investment or just a personal choice, building a closet wine cellar may be a good fit for you.